Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Saturday, February 6, 2010 6-9PM
to benefit Audubon Center of the North Woods & Eloise Butler Wildlife Garden and Bird Sanctuary and BxB 2010

Last year I stumbled upon an article for an annual avian art exhibition called BirdxBird in Minneapolis. I am excited to say that I am on the 2010 roster. What is BirdxBird? Cynde Randall, artistic director for the exhibition, says it best in her “scoop” for the participating artists.

So here’s how it works: about 120 of us make some beautiful work and once a year we install a big show and hold an auction to benefit the birds. The money that we raise goes to support critical habitat and environmental programming at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Minneapolis and Audubon Center of the North Woods in Sandstone Minnesota.”

The artwork produced for this exhibition is in response to data collected about avian species. Since 2002, BirdxBird has installed the work of painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, and multi-media artists for a one night exhibition and auction. For details on this event visit If you just so happen to find yourself in NE Minneapolis on Feb. 6th, swing by Northrup King Gallery 320!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Igor was commissioned by a wonderful woman who works at the Tucson Wildlife Center. She came to my booth at the Indie Chic art fair and we had a delightful conversation about black vultures.

Apparently the center has a black vulture named Igor that is quite something. She'll present this sketch to the center as a Christmas gift. Yay Igor!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Indie Chic @ 10th Street Art Fair

I am happy to say that the Indie Chic @ 10th Street art fair was a great experience. I made some friends, sold some artwork, and got to spend the day in the sunshine.

What is Indie Chic @ 10th Street? The sponsors say it best: It is an alternative craft fair with a selection of hip, handmade items including clothing, jewelry, ceramics and wall art all made by independent crafters. Vendors are carefully chosen for their unique urban aesthetics.

Shop hand-crafted and local. Why? It helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, it keeps your hard-earned money in the community and it supports Phoenix's handmade revolution!

This was the first event in which I donated 10% of my proceeds to an avian conservation organization. That organization was Liberty Wildlife located here in the Phoenix area.

I've really gained so much from Liberty since I began volunteering there. It was a meager donation but backed with much appreciation for the wonderful services they provide to our local critters!