Friday, February 17, 2012

I Love Your Ugly Mug.

It's been a long while since I added anything to The Nest Egg Art Project blog but that doesn't mean that the project isn't always on my mind. Recently I spent an afternoon organizing images of my artwork. It was no surprise to find that I've done more drawings and paintings of Turkey Vultures than any other bird. My love of these New World Vultures began during my research for the Beauty & the Butterfly series.

Now, Turkey Vultures are by no means threatened, in fact they are listed by IUCN Conservation Status as Least Concerned. It is how they are collectively perceived that has my heart broken. My wish is that no matter how ugly or disgusting an animal (or human for that matter) may be seen, they have value. When we understand a being's value we begin to feel compassion and I think we could use a lot more compassion in this world. That is the spirit I wished to convey in the Beauty & the Butterfly series and carries on every time I sketch a beautiful and much loved Turkey Vulture.

In celebration of the Turkey Vulture I pulled several past sketches. I hope you enjoy!